sata raid issue

By thisnameworks
Oct 12, 2007
  1. hello , since im new here ill start by giving my system info.
    asus striker extreme mainboard
    asus nvidia 8800 gtx graphicscard
    intel quad cpu
    4 gigs ram
    and two 150 gig raptor harddrives.
    Recentely i had stat raid reinstalled on my pc,using nforce sata raid controllers when i boot it says degraded mirror, but when i get into the nvidia control center it shows a degrading moirror , them a healthey mirror on sata 1.0,then another degrading mirror then another healthyon sata 1.1, also i should only show one disk drive but show 2 , when i check properties there is nothing there on one and the other looks good. my question is are the 2 degrading mirrors my old array and if so it wont hurt to delete them ?Thanks
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