(Satire) SCO Group to Shoot Babies

By Vehementi
Aug 12, 2003
  1. Found this on Fark. Very funny.


    SCO Group owns the intellectual property rights to Unix. They are currently involved in a megasuit against IBM, claiming they "stirred SCO Unix code into the Linux melting pot".

    In this month's Wired magazine, SCO chief executive Darl McBride said, after being asked why they're going after IBM, "It's the ringleader. We are staring down the barrel of hundreds of thousands of lines of code that enabled Linux to go from a mom-and-pop operating syssten to a bug-time, enterprise class OS at Fortune 100 companies. It's really interesting to see what happens when people see the code, when they see how blatant the copying is."

    SCO Group has since upped the megasuit stakes to $3 billion and revoked IBM's license to ship Unix systems. Debates rage over whether or not SCO Group will kill Linux.
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