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Or FreeDOS for that matter

I cannot get my SB Live 128/PCI 128/Vibra 128/A million other names around the world card to work in DOS. I would like to get sound in my old DOS games like Transport Tycoon, USM2 and SimCity. There is an emulation driver, but it is in a Windows executable, and I do not have Windows... and I think it only works with Windows 98 DOS anyway

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To get sound in DOS with my old soundcards (PCI128, and SBLive) I've installed Windows98 an the the soundcard drivers.

When that is done a MS-DOS folder is crated in the folder Creative under Program Files, that folder can now be copied anywhere...

So now you can format the comp and install true DOS, although I've only tried this with the Windows 98 version of DOS... But it should work with 6.22 also (I beleive) ;)
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