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By jakeshjo
Aug 6, 2005
  1. Hi! I have an epson perfection 1240u scanner and am running Win XP. until recently I had no problems and then one day a couple of weeks ago it all happened. When I go to use my scanner in the control panel scanner/camera wizard I get a message when I click the preview button that says I need to wait until the scanner stops and then try again. The problem is that the scanner is not on and i keep getting the message. I really need this function in the wizard for a project I am doing for a wedding. The scanner works fine in third party programs such as Photo Shop, Picasa, or anything. However I don't get to see a preview first for me to make corrections before I see the final product. I have called Epson and worked with them the past two weeks by updating drivers and uninstalling both hardware and software several times in many different ways. I contacted Microsoft and they said work with the firewall and that didn't help either. In fact I can shut down the firewall entirely and it still does the same thing. If anyone has any ideas I am willing to listen. I'm usually pretty good at these things myself but as with anybody there is always something we can't figure out. Please help if you can. Thanks, jakeshjo
  2. jakeshjo

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    guess I'm alone

    Well I thought I might get someone to try and help but Like I said this is a hard one. Other than what i already said that I did I also reinstalled my usb ports just incase they were causing the error but no go. Also I installed the scanner on my daughter's computer and it worked just fine. My luck. Well thanks Hope all is well with you guys. Jakeshjo
  3. jakeshjo

    jakeshjo TS Rookie Topic Starter

    last chance to help me on this problem

    Well I still haven't figured my problem out. I have just finished upgrading my motherboard and Cpu to an AMD 64 3000+ and so far so good. However since I did not reformat my HD I still have the scanner Problem. I know if I reformat it will work right again but with everything else working just great I don't want to lose all my set up the way it is cause it was a lot of work to get there. Well thanks if you can help and thanks anyway for at least maybe reading this.

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