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Apr 13, 2004
  1. I just formatted my hard drive and installed XP, and left all my hardware connections. The printer was found, but the scanner wasn't (AGFA 1212P). I went on the AGFA site, and it said that the scanner software does not work with XP. Is that why the HARDWARE wasn't found?

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    Try to install it under compatibility mode.

    I myself have the Agfa 1236s (SCSII) which does work under XP (but I run Win2000).
    You could try the software for this 1236, it might work.

    Alternatively, get a parallel to USB converter and try the 1212u software.
    But, since scanners are so cheap, it may be better to buy a more modern scanner from Canon or Epson.
  3. fistdog

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    Thanks, I'll try that. But what about XP seeing the scanner? Shouldn't it recognize the hardware regardless of whether or not the software is installed?
  4. RealBlackStuff

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    Make sure you have a service named STIMON running (Still Image Monitoring). Win2000/AGFA only works with that service installed. Don't know XP, but I'm sure someone can tell you how to set this up.

    The way AGFA works, you have to install the software first, before you connect the scanner.

    If you use your scanner a lot, you could install W2000 as well and run the scanner from there, if compatibility-mode under XP does not work.

    Otherwise, get a new USB 2.0 capable scanner
  5. fistdog

    fistdog TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks, ... I'm gonna try downloading the software and take it from there. I'll let you know..
  6. gemskie

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    agfa scanner wont bloody work!

    i have installed the new drivers for the agfa scanner and the software which went all successfull but now when i click on the icon i get a message saying try to connect or switch on scanner??? whats up with it?? :bounce:
  7. fistdog

    fistdog TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Agfa Scanner 1212p

    I've decided to turn the 1212p into an air to ground missile, letting it slam directly into the ground; time for a new scanner.
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