scheduled backup trouble

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Feb 12, 2007
  1. i have a peculiar problem, if anyone out there can help pleeeeease
    i have an hp proliant ml370 server running windows 2000 server.if i schedule a backup, it starts up at the set time and actually does like its writng to even get the confirmation log that backup successful and whtas been backed-up.
    Problem is when you go to restore, there will be nothing on the tape, nothing at all. so you wonder whta it has been doing when ran the tape for 30min presumably backing up
    But if you do a manual backup(on-the-spot), everything is fine
    please help coz now i have to be in the office till 9pm everyday when the last people knock-off just to do the backup

    before everything was fine just noticed it a month ago
  2. Nodsu

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    What software are you using for scheduling and backup itself?

    If you are using Windows builting scheduling, look over the user that the task runs as. IIRC, it uses some system account for that by default, not a normal user.

    When testing, use a small backup set and do it do disk instead so you get quick and verifiable results.
  3. Goalie

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    Also, is this a DLT drive? I have one in a ML370 server that I run SCO Unix on- the drive doesn't show contents per se. You can read from and restore from, but you have to know what it is you want to read off of the tape before you do so. The DLT drive behaves the same under Unix and Windows- under BackUpExec which I installed with an external drive on a Windows machine (for purposes of formatting old tapes before reusing), the drives will show blank even though I know they contain old backups from a different server.
  4. nyashawm

    nyashawm TS Rookie Topic Starter

    SCHEDULED backup

    im using the built-in nt backup on windows 2000 server and backing up to 20/40 DLT tape. my user changed from the day i installed the server. tried even the administrator account, still no success.

    also is there a way to interface exchange 5.5 with outlook 2007
  5. raybay

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    The problem could be anywhere and may be difficult to trouble shoot, but sounds like a simple software issue where some tweaking would help.
    Tape systems are antiques and have always been trouble. Your system sounds very old. Replace the tape system and try again... I would replace W2K with WXP since Windows 2000 is no longer supported and the server updates are no longer available.
  6. nyashawm

    nyashawm TS Rookie Topic Starter

    upgrading from win2k server would take a miracle with the bosses i have. hey we still on exchange 5.5
    pliz expound on tweaking
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