Screen and sound get scrambled and system hangs

By jebinj ยท 4 replies
Aug 5, 2006
  1. hi there i am new to this forum.happened to reach here in search of a problem i have been having for few system while working gets, hanged completely.and the screen and sound gets scrambled.the screen looks like some jigsaw puzzle.i first thought it was some software problem but was wrong.i formatted and installed xp but no help.this problem occurs randomly.sometimes it happens a few minutes after booting or sometimes aftermany hours.the problem occurs more frequently when i installed my tuner card.once sytem freezes there is no other way but resetting it.
    system configuration is like this

    P4,asus p4b533-vm motherboard.onboard graphics,audigy sound card.

    anybody had any similar problem.someone please help me out here.i think it some problem with motherboard.if that is case can anyone suggest a method to get it repaired without going for a new one.ts not a Psu problem.i had tried another power supply from my other computer and still problem exist.
  2. blue_dragon

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    hey there

    download speenfan to check your computers internal temperatures
  3. jebinj

    jebinj TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i have already checked the temperatures with asus probe.all temperatures and fan speed are normal.
  4. cubecompMTDX

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    Just curious, what does the thing actually do? BSOD? hangup? I have a P4B533-VM board. I may be able to help you. Have you installed the "intel extreme graphics driver for the 845G chipset? It may be the chipset overheating. If I use onboard in Google earth, eventually my northbridge's onboard graphics core overheats and I ged BSOD'd. Whwn XP restarts, it states that the northbridge was responsible for system instability. One thing i ca say to do asap is buy some thermal paste, remove the northbridge heatsink and clean the thermal pads wax from the heatsink and the die, and put some thermal paste on the die as you would do a p III coppermine. I recommend arctic silver ceramique. Next if that doesn't solve the problem, you should install a graphics card in the provided AGP slot.
  5. jebinj

    jebinj TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thanks buddy

    thanks buddy ,for your helping mind,

    but i have already got rid of the motherboard, because the problem was occuring too frequent, luckily i got a compatible motherboard for the same processor from biostar. now system works fine. i guess the solution you stated was right, but too late to try for, any way thanks a lot buddy, keep posting
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