screensplashing on session Opening under XP PRO, strange problem :(

By fishbone
Dec 25, 2003
  1. Hi everybody and merry Xmas. ;)

    First of all i apologize in advance for the mistake i could do as i'm leavin Belgium.

    I have a strange problem i couldn't fix with all the research i did so i'm asking for your advices

    Here the pb: Yesterday i installed couples of programms and stuff and today when i boot my computer and log into my Xp session account everything seems to be alright (session loads) but after the session loads the wallpaper starts so splash (i mean it turns on and off) and the desktopbar (the bar at the bottom next to startup turns on and off if i open a folder i can barely click and the window dissapear continously. >> Everything is unstable

    I log off and log on one my husbands session everything is alright no problems at all so i guess its because of a problem i install yesterday i uninstall everything, check the programms that runs on start up, check the services through msconfig and stuff like that, check the viruses, and spywares. There is no change i can only work in my session when i boot in "limited ressources" i don't remember the name in english, in french "mode sans echec" you boot with limited stuff to uninstall the hardware or software that has a problem.

    I also tried a system recovery on a couple of days before >> No change. I'm exhausted and don't know what to do :confused:

    It must be something at the session booting but i cannot figure out what.

    If you have any ideas or a tool to repair a possible corrupted profile or whatever i would really appreciate

    Kind Regards

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