Screwless drive clips

By Fallingleaf
Dec 13, 2005
  1. Hello,

    I'm sorry that this is a lame question but this has been driving me crazy for the last week and I've finally cracked. Will someone please tell me where I can buy some more screwless drive clips?

    I have a Jeantech Butterfly v2 case that came with some little green plastic clips to secure my optical drives and HDD. Each clip has two little prongs and a little plastic key that you turn to lock them in place - see the pic below. I have seen similar things on other people's machines but not for sale anywhere! I need some more to add extra drives to my machine.

    Jeantech have been no use whatsoever and have just ignored my attempts to contact them. My lack of success with locating them on the net may be because I'm not using the right name or keyword but I'm all out of ideas. Can anyone help me?

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