scripting error with media player9

By felix69
Nov 27, 2005
  1. I am trying to watch some saved movies with DRM on them on media player nine.
    i am running XP and IE6
    When media player loads it prompts me for the licence , then i submit my password and it then says licence issued but then the problem starts.
    At the same time a scripting error message comes up saying
    line 8
    char 2
    netobj is undefined
    code 0
    and wether i want to continue running active scripts on the page.
    either way i go the play button is not activated so i cant play the movie.
    I have tried every thing i know to fix it from all the security options to the advanced options and runningxp service pak. i am very frustrated..all my computer friends are confused..Can anyone help me.
    It also happens on all browsers i have incl netscape, mozilla and opera
    thanks in advance glenn
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