Web scripting in Mozilla Firefox to get updates in Bookmarks?

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I have many computers in my test network using Mozilla Firefox - some computers load Windows and others Linux varieties.

I have these computers using the same centralized Bookmarks file, v.g. Bookmarks.html, for which the most up-to-date version will always be deposited on a common public FTP site in the network.

Does Firefox offer any scripting facility for me to write a routine that will check for latest updates on the Bookmarks file (simply checking time stamp difference), and if found, make a call to the Bookmarks-Import routine in Firefox ?



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if you can boldly assert that a specific set of bookmarks are the official set,
then you can script a copy from
<official-sys>\bookmarks.html to <userSys>\docs & settings\[I]userlogin[/I]\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\[I]some-goofy.default-per-user[/I]\
Linux will have a similar location

It will become active upon the next launch of FF
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