SCSI Hard Drives, What on Earth...?

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Sep 16, 2005
  1. On all internet vendors, I find sections of these 10k,15k RPM drives, called SCSI, and I have absolutely no idea why they are different to SATA/PATA. If they are just super fast hard drives, I'd buy 4 and link them in a RAID array, but I still don't understand the different names. It's a problem that has been needlessly bothering me for ages!
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    scsi is a interface that looks more like pata than sata, but you will need a scsi adapter card or a scsi header on your motherboard, and even if you want to spend the huge amount of cash for a 15k hard drive you will not be able to utilize all of it because the your optical drive wont be able to keep up with the hard drive, i would stick with pata and sata both for cost and it (seems) that is what you know about, scsi is a whole different world than ide and sata
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    SCSI is a very flexible and fast interconnect used in server world.

    As said, to make use of SCSI drives you need a SCSI controller card and cables. Also, pay attention to the connectors - there are several types and the controller, cables, drives have to match unless you want to play around with adapters.

    Mind you, 4 15k RPM drives make helluva lot of noise and sitting in a same room with them is not really comfortable. The drives also generate a lot of heat - the things themselves can probably live with it but the rest of your system may not like that.
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    Thanks, it's all clear now.
    I was just curious.
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