Seagate ST3160023A dst error...

By Recast
Dec 22, 2006
  1. Hi,
    I have this problem with my hard drive(or maybe it`s not it).I had some problems with my pc in the past few days.It stops responding for a short time and in some cases hangs completely and i have to reset it.I`ve runned some hardware tests with various checking utilities and i had an error on the hdd.Seatools sent a DST Error code:02.I`ve checked the error codes at Seagate`s site and found out that Error code 02 coresponds to power failure or a relative source.I found this as the most logical explanation for my problem because there were lots of energy surges in the past few monts,causing my pc to restart or shutdown frequently.I think all of this may caused some kind of malfunction in my PSU (it`s some dumm chinese brand,and it`s 300W max) and it`s the source of my problems,but i`m not really sure since i`m not a hardware expert or a techician.What do you think?
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    Seatools is very good. The DST error is the report for power off or a reset. You only good choice is to borrow or otherwise trade out the power supply to see if the problem is there or elsewhere in your system.
    Seagate is the most reliable of drives, in our experience. But just like anything else, they can develop a bad chip which will cause intermittant inteferrence... so trade out with another drive for your tests.
    Also, if you use a power strip or a power sentry, check them carefully as well... temporarily bypassing them to go straight to the wall... And since it is Winter, and Windy, consider also storm related voltage errors, brown-outs, and such.
    Do not discount such household appliances as refrigerators and furnaces. Set up a small lamp in a darkened room to see if you see momentary dimming when any electrical device turns on in the house or apartment. Another good tool is good radio set to a weak AM station... you will hear bursts of static if there is a bad power source somewhere near where you live.
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