*Searching Database in Access or other software*

By rwnewson
Jan 21, 2007
  1. Hey guys. I have a question about databases/lists to which the solution is hopefully simple.

    I have a list of data in 3 columns that I can import in Excel or Access. In other words, I have many records with 3 fields each. Now I want to be able to "search" a field of all the data for a particular phrase. For example I want to see a list of all the records that have "hello" somewhere in column B. I know this is basically the "filter" command but I find it to be quite awkward. I want a simple easy way to just search for "hello" in column B and click "search" and see the list... Nothing fancy.

    I don't know Access too well but is there a way to do it there? Maybe make some sort of form or query or report or something? Maybe if you pointed me in the right direction I could read the help files on that and figure it out. Is there a template for this anywhere?

    What about a third-party software that could do this? Just import a list of data and then you can search it as you please. Any ideas? I'd REALLY appreciate your help!!
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