Second hand laptop purchased , change owner name in registry

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I am from Australia and have just joined this group
I have just bought a Toshiba Satellite P4 3.2Ghz 512mb 80 gb HD XP Home
It used to belong to an American professional photographer and was then sold as part of a package of professional camera, lense and laptop.

It was used for taking photos of kids sports where the photographer showed photos to parents on the laptop so they could order which ones they liked

The guy that bought it from him already had a laptop so he sold it on eBay to me. (The transaction detail and eBay item number are below)

After getting it home I found that the thing was still full of kids photos so I have cleaned them out, we have some tough laws on having photos of children and unauthorised photo taking of minors here. (I think they are fine)

The original American owner's name is still on the laptop, can I change it in the registry to mine and if I do what will happen to the software that is already installed and registered in his name

Thanking you in anticipation :hotouch: :hotbounce

Purchased From:ric_12

Item Number Item Title Quantity Price Subtotal
6820892159 Toshiba Satellite P4 3.2Ghz 512mb 80 gig HD XP Home 1 $1,799.00 AUD

Postage & Packing via Registered to 623XX:
(includes any seller packing fees) $37.50 AUD
Postage Insurance (included): --

Total: $1,836.50 AUD


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Click on Start/Run, type in regedit and click OK.
Click on My Computer , in the top left, so that it becomes highlighted (blue).
Click on Edit/Find, type in RegOwner and click on Find next
When found, doubleclick on the RegOwner key and change the name to yours.
Above it you will find RegCompany. Change that to your company or e.g. At Home.
Press F3 for the next occurrence, change it, press F3 etc. until the end.

Repeat this for RegisteredOwner and RegisteredOrganization.

Do NOT change any other name-occurrences, as that may invalidate UserID/Password for other programs. Enjoy what's on it.
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Mate, thanks heaps you're a fair dinkum bottler and if you are not conversant with Ausie lingo (talk) it means "my friend I give you many thanks for your help and that you have championship status in the help department"
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