Second hard drives capacity limited to 31.4GB!!! Stumped

By brightond
Jan 12, 2005
  1. Here's the problem...(i've been googling it and reading about similiar issues with no resolutions or answers.)
    I've added my maxtor 160gb drive as a slave to my 80gb western digital. My WD is formatted as FAT32 and is recognized as that under administrative tools/disk managment. It is also recognized in the bios as such. The maxtor drive is being read in both the bios and disk managment as being 31.4. I have formatted and partitioned it (usinf maxblast 3) as NTFS with 100+80gb partitions. There is no sign of this after booting and the bios only detects the 31gb!
    Jumper settings are set to off (slave) there is an option to put a jumper on as slave, but that is supposed to limitthe drive space.
    Many "solutions" are that the bios needs to be flashed...this board is less than a year old. Another is that XP and FAT32 has a 32GB limit per partition...but I have my 80GB formatted as FAT32 and set to one large partition. Maxtor proposes nothing helpful either, except to get an ATA 133 PCI card to handle the load. Pleople also suggested using partition magic to correctly partition the drive but that has not solved the issue for anyone with this problem either.
    Does anyone know of why this is happening? Any leads would be helpful.
  2. Yaesu

    Yaesu TS Rookie

    If the bios is not reading the drive correctly it does sound like it needs to be flashed. BIos updates come out all the time depending on problems that arise with hardware.
  3. Phantasm66

    Phantasm66 TS Rookie Posts: 5,734   +8

    what happens if you make the 160GB drive the master and the 80GB drive the slave?

    Flash the BIOS as a last alternative. A bad flash can ruin your mobo, and since its new I doubt it needs that. That should be your final, last try.
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