Secondary USB HD Problem

By datapimp
Jun 6, 2005
  1. Ok... I was redoing my system and left my External USB HD plugged in and turned on. (First problem...). Anyways. I was having some problems getting windows to repartition my primary hd and re-install windows on it. I did fdisk /mbr... to no avail. I then relized i had my Ext HD plugged in and on. I unplugged it and whola! installation went smoothly...

    When I plugged my Ext HD back in it says "Drive Not Formated" OH NO!!! Lots of valueable data is on that drive and i can't lose it. I think the MBR / Partition Table of that hard drive was written over and perhaps i just need to restore / rebuild the MBR or Partition Table for that drive...

    If that is the case... I can't find out how to repair or rebuild the MBR / Partition Table of secondary hard drives (or external for that matter). Will someone please stear me in the right direction. Thanks.
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  3. datapimp

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    Ok. I got it back working. Thanks for the link IronDuke.

    I ended up using the tool TestDisk (Free Utility :)) . It repaired the MBR / Partition table and I was able to access the drive normally again. so please... everyone take NOTE: When (re)installing os's or something simular remember to DISCONNECT your External Hard Drives!

    Sigh... relief.
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