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Nov 27, 2007
  1. I am running an HP laptop with Vista Home Basic 32-bit.

    About a month back, I had a JS/Downloader.Agent Threat detected by AVG, something for which I took advice from here from Mr.Howard.

    During the same clean up process and ever since, My security center stopped working.

    I kept getting a notification that My security center is switched off, and all attempts at trying to switch it back on were met with an error stating that

    Although now the VIRUS threat no longer exists(Thanks to HOWARD), the security center notification doesn't stop popping up.

    Can you please help me out with this.
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    How about doing a Windows repair. You should be using Windows Live OneCare for your virus protection in Vista
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    howabout going to start, run and typing in "services.msc" without the quotes and it will bring up the services menu to tell which services start up when your computer starts up, scroll down to "security center" and click the option to "start the service" and then right click, go to properties, and theer will be a drop down menu in the middle of that window, click on it and set the option to "automatic" which means the security center service will now start when your computer that what you wanted?
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    Could you please elaborate on the Windowr Repair Bit?

    Well I am a bit of a Novice and frankly this is the first time I have come across the name Windows LiveOne Care!!....

    Am currently running AVG 7.5 for the virus protection, but since you have now mentioned it, I shall try and install Windows LiveOne.
    Just In case, Could you post the link from where i can Download LiveOne care Please.

    Thank you.

    I have already tried solving the problem in the way that you have asked me to but it doesn't seem to be working.
    Every time i try starting the Security center through the services window, I get the error, 1079:The account specified for this service is different from the account specified for other services running in the same process.

    When I try to look at the properties window, the error message: "THE SPECIFIED DEVICE INSTANCE HANDLE DOES NOT CORRESPOND TO A PRESENT DEVICE" pops up.

    Though the properties window opens, any changes I try to do is met with the

    I think the problem may lie in the Log on setteings in the properties window,
    but I am too scred to make any changes.

    Please suggest a way out

    Thank you
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    Security Center

    Thanks so much and you have made my day as all is now are the man..Genius.
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