Security? It's slowing me down!

By Toxsickcity
Jul 6, 2006
  1. Hey guys and gals..

    To start I am unsatasified with the usage of wireless.. 54Mb not really being 54Mb.. is actually 24Mb! so i've read.. max transfer rate is 3,200KB/Sec hmm alot less than 5MB/sec that I was thinking!

    anyways I have 2 main questions!

    1. I am mostly using ACDSee that is showing the bottle neck of my wireless Notebook, It's a Centreno 1.73GHZ with 54M wireless I looked in the Task Manager and selected transfer rates coloums.
    When the laptop is creating thumbnails for the photos, I can see the Receieve rate is around the 400KB mark.. no where near 2.5MB!!??!!??
    I don't know if this is anything to do with the Networks latency?

    I have got Sandra Benchmark suite, it shows that a typical 54MB with 128Encription is
    max 2800KB/sec with a lateny 1342us
    No encription is
    max 3200KB/sec with a latency 622us

    is I can be asured that the latency is the reason the many many photos are taking so long to load up, then I might think of other type of security!

    my other question is

    I use 128Bit encription.. so my laptop must have the 10 char. KEY for usage of the wireless! okay... easy no problems on my half.. and make me feel secure!

    But if I want to speed up to no WEP no encription.. what can I do to security my wireless Access Point?

    Does the function "only allow connection to computers with the following MAC Addresses" work well? is it secure?

    I have a dlink model AP, if anyone can explain a good way at keeping it secure as well as increase the speed, big thanks your way..

    also can anyone confirm my story on acdsee about latency being the issue? as when I transfer large 400MB files it's transfer at 2.2-2.5MB/sec to me thats not too bad! but multiple files is slow as crap. Also acdsee is fast as lightning when reading pics from the HDD! obviously!

    thanks for reading
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