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Seeking help with LCD replacement please

By moth
Feb 11, 2005
  1. hello all...

    i recently purchased a new (pulled) LCD for my HP pavilion ZT3050US notebook, the old one is damaged and not covered under warranty.

    i have tried contacting HP for advice, as well as the manufacturer of the LCD, but no-one seems to be able to offer any sound advice or direction!

    so here's the deal: i'm not a tech of any kind, but found that replacing the screen is actually quite simple, so i prefer to do it myself if at all possible.

    old screen is a Samsung LTN154X1-L02
    new screen is a Samsung LTN154X1-L03

    both the vendor and the manufacturer insist that the two screens are compatible and exchangeable, but when i installed the new screen (L03) it simply doesn not work, remains black.

    HP contact 'theorizes' that there is a switch on the motherboard that i need to reset. the local HP service center tells me i need to purchase the *exact* same model number of LCD (through him of course, at 4 times as much $ as i paid for this screen), that the L02 and L03 are not compatible. the vendor refuses to accept the new screen as a return because his sources tell hiim the two screens ARE compatible, he insists he did NOT sell me the wrong screen.

    so, having little experience in this sort of thing, i can't know for sure of course, but at the Samsung website this screen is listed generically with specs without any of the -L01, -L02, -L03, -L04 suffixes, so i am presuming that they are all interchangeable.

    ah, just hoping someone here can help me please.....anyone???? how can i install this screen and get it to work?

    many thanks and kindest regards to you all,
  2. Liquidlen

    Liquidlen TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,094

    I do not want to sound like I am rubbing salt in the wound , but you admit to not being a techie yet you attempted a major Technological repair, without a little backup.
    The individual that sold you the screen; you did not confirm his return policy .Did he know you were a novice and his return policy would not be affected by this fact.
    It is important to cover your rear when you attempt this type of thing. I feel for you because I have also been caught in between like this and I mention this to WARN others.
    I would try one thing ,If the old screen is useable enough .Re-install it and delete any video drivers ,then switch to standard vga drivers and re-boot.
    I would then install the new screen and if it comes alive I would install the latest driver from the screen Manufaturer if they are availible.
    Barring that take the machine to the screen supplier and try urge him to help get it working since he says it works.
    Good Luck and let us know what happens.
  3. moth

    moth TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ok, just an update, in case there is someone else out there who can benefit from this.....

    i contacted samsung again, and asked them again about the compatibility of the L02 and L03 LCDs. at first they still insisted that the last three digits were in reference to the production time and that the LCDs were compatible. i had to insist that they double check......turns out that the last 3 digits do NOT refer to production, (the customer service rep could not tell me what the last three digits actually referred to) and the two screens are NOT compatible.

    so, i cannot hold the vendor responsible, since his informaton came from samsung, and samsung of course takes no reponsibility for the mix up.

    at any rate, i did purchase another LCD, the correct L02 model and installed it myself without a hitch.

    would like to thank liquidlen, and another person who replied to this post last month, the other post has disappeared, but i do appreciate the time you both took in responding to me.

    kind regards to all,
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