Seeking resources for OCP certification

By Heather_S
Feb 22, 2005
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  1. Has anyone got an opinion on the value of Oracle Certification in India?
    I've read some messages describing it almost as a prerequisite for DBA work.
    Anybody have any other views? I understand that it's fairly expensive to get the qualification now. Is it worthwhile?
    Also what are the training resources available on the net for these exams?

  2. Phantasm66

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    Any good technical training like that will really broaden your horizons and open lots of new opportunites to you. What you really have to ask yourself is... do you want to be a DBA? If you do, then I think that is a very good job, and YES doing an Oracle cert would help you, as would making sure that your SQL is very good, particularly joins.

    As for resources for this, I don't have many. One thing I really can recommend though, is that you download Oracle itself, because its free. Get hold of the reference material (buy it, or .... hmmm... download it from the net (I never said that)) and work your way through the exercises in the book. Install Oracle on your own machine and work with it in your spare time.

    As with all good IT skills, its good to pick up parallel skills as well. A lot of Oracle work will be on UNIX servers, and it might be a good idea to pick up some UNIX as well. A lot of big multinational companies are looking to start tertiary sites in countries like India doing IT programming and support, and they will be looking for people with your skills if you have an Oracle cert and some UNIX knowledge.

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