Sega considers reviving classics like Crazy Taxi and Virtua Fighter, and is working on...

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In brief: Sega laid out three possible paths for reviving old games: remastering past titles to include HD animation, remaking games by adding new features while maintaining the gameplay of the original, or a full reboot in which a new game is constructed based on the look and feel of the IP.

Sega in its results presentation for the fiscal year ending March 2021 shared some interesting slides regarding the company’s future direction.

On page 52 of the presentation, Sega notes that it holds a large number of globally recognized IP and even mentions utilizing them “after careful examination.” Examples presented include Crazy Taxi, Jet Set Radio, Panzer Dragoon, Virtua Fighter, Rez, Shinobi and Streets of Rage, among others.

Some of the titles Sega listed in the "past IP groups" haven't been stagnant for very long. Streets of Rage 4 is barely a year old and Rez Infinite is only a few years old at this point.

Sega also referenced the creation of a “Super Game” that it hopes to have ready by fiscal year 2026.

It’s anyone’s guess as to what exactly Sega means by that phrase, but the company did mention a “focused investment” in the project, adding that profitability could be low at first because it is a new IP but it could have high growth potential because it would be a global title.

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Sega is certainly capable of producing a true triple-A game on its own but has always seemed hesitant to do so. If they have the talent required, a clear and consistent vision and the necessary investment then I think they should go for it. I just hope its not another arena shooter.


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My kingdom for a 4K remake of Revenge of Shinobi!

And then a proper 3D, even though Ninja Gaiden did one hell of a job there.


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Yes, bring back Crazy Taxi! I was playing it on my old Sega Dreamcast and that game is still a ridiculous amount of fun


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Remakes are good but not as good as fresh innovative gaming. Nintendo can do this with Mario and Zelda still. But Segas franchises all dried up years ago. Streets of rage 4 is rubbish by the way.

What I want is Nintendo software on good hardware. I love my switch but it’s definitely let down by the 5 year old Android hardware it runs.


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I did love Virtua Fighter back in the day...

Kage and Pai were my go to characters and I was also working on getting better with Akira, but never finished learning his attacks.

Pai had a nice defensive throw against kicks and punches.

Kage, I loved his corkscrew like diving attacks and his sword throw....I called it a sword throw, not sure what it was really called.


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Innovation is dead. All we see now are remakes. And more remakes. Either this shows the poor gaming designs of new games or publishers are just lazy to create new designs. (And afraid to lose cash cows.)

I just use emulations to keep old games alive. Also still have some classic consoles - Sega Genesis, Original PSOne Slim and slim PS2.