sega saturn lcd tv problem!

By tomlad
Sep 15, 2007
  1. hello to you all, ive just recently got the saturn that i co-own (long story, basically a friend and myself collect retro games and consoles) and brought it home, much to my delight of course. but when i plugged the scart lead into my tv, it wouldnt come up with any picture! just the sound of the game! now, my tv is a 21inch lcd bluesky tv, with only 1 scart, but my ps1 plays fine on there, as does the dreamcast, and all the newer consoles. i dont have another lead for the saturn (but the av connection looks alot like the old mega drive connections!) but i did try the console on another tv in the house; a 14 inch tv, one of the crt ones. and it worked fine, picture and sound! (at first i thought it was just maybe the scart lead or something). ive just bought an svideo lead for the saturn too and same problem; sound but no picture. im pretty pissed off as ive wasted money it seems not only on the leads, but on this stupid tv. it baffles me though that i can get my ps1 working on there via scart but not my saturn via scart OR svideo. i would try a standard aerial cable but i dont have one. and i aint buyin one because chances are, it wont work.

    so basically, i was wondering if anyone else has had the same problems? and knows a solution? i know its a bit of a strange topic, but i cant find anything else on the web about this, so im hoping someone might have something of a solution! (and if need be im just gunna have to drag my old 14" tv in from the garage and play on there, but its depressing seen as i can barely see the picture! lol
  2. sghiznaneck

    sghiznaneck TS Maniac Posts: 403

    You might want to try an older tv first. Even though the Saturn leads will work on a new tv, the Saturn is older technology from an era prior to lcds. Had the same problem with my daughter's tv when we purchased the XBox 360 over a year ago, but in reverse. It wouldn't work on an older tv, so had to go out and purchase a new tv in order to receive a video signal even though the connections should have worked.
  3. tomlad

    tomlad TS Rookie Topic Starter

    hi, well i did try the saturn on another 14 in the house and it worked fine. im just gutted that i cant play it on the bigger tv (i bought it mainly to get games on it larger and that) and i really dont wanna have to go back to my old tv! but i may have to lol
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