selective com ports?

By bounce
May 13, 2006
  1. computer at day care controls time clock and keypass magnetic security doors. Each uses serial connector. I installed two keyspan serial/usb adapters. device manager shows keypass = com 4. timeclock = com 5 problem is software for timeclock shows only 1-4 com ports and auto detect wont see 5. I need to assign specific port to timeclock, but i don't know how. time clock must be polled mon morning.
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    It is probably the braindeadness of your software that assumes the four legacy COM ports are the only option.

    I assume you don't have any onboard serial adapters? They may still be present in the chipset - see if you can disable serial ports and infrared in the BIOS. Disable any modems you have too.

    If you disabled any of these, uninstall the USB serial ports and let Windows redetect them.

    Some USB serial adapters come with a small piece of software that lets you manually change the COM port number.
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    selctive com ports

    I freaked, I cramed, I thought , and i resolved. Was able to redirect modem off com 3 to com 12 then was able to assign com 3 to keypad. Thanks for the reply.
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