self-built system crashing during OS boot-up or after

By listal
Nov 14, 2005
  1. last night, after the pc was working fine for the day since i loaded xp pro onto it, it started crashing every few minutes. i went into setup to look at cmos's pc health option to find my chipset was @ 66 degrees C. my video card completely halted the fan over the chipset from spinning. logically, i moved the video card to the next pci-express slot, and i tweaked my cicuiting a little and i have everything running at mid/lower 40's C. however, everytime the system gets to the point where it's going to boot the OS, it'll either crash on the spot or it will endure for up to 10 minutes until it crashes. now i'm trying to re-set up my partition in NTFS format again from my XP pro setup disk, but every option i've taken so far results in a windows page file error. is my hard drive toasted? the motherboard is operating fine, and the motherboard's debugging LED's report that the CPU, RAM and HDD are seen and functional, but when it gets to the last LED, which is for OS being loaded, it either crashes soon after it turns off or it won't even get to that point. it just restarts after it crashes, as usual. anybody have any remote idea what the hell is up with my system from all of that? i've reset CMOS, i've disconnected and reconnected all molex power connectors, all 9 fans total in the system (3 on PSU, 1 CPU, 1 GPU, 1 chipset, 2 self-added, 1 case fan) are working, and i've switched my SATA hard drive cable once along with trading off its spiffy power connector with the old school molex connection... nothing phases it hardware-wise . i got rid of all of the beeping, so it's not like it's throwing me a bone with those messages.
  2. vegasgmc

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    Theres a chance that the chipset or a part close to it was damaged from the heat. Once I got my processor heatsink on crooked and it overheated and the computer shut dow. The processor was fine but the heat damaged the motherboard. Luckily it was covered under warranty.
    You also may have gotten damaged system files in the crash. Have you tried a full format?
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