Self Tuning Guitar keeps Stars in Tune with a INTEL 80C196 CPU

By Julio Franco
Jun 19, 2005
  1. Ebay link;

    Ft. Collins, CO June 16, 2005 - TransPerformance, a Colorado based company, whose self tuning guitar technology that was first debuted by legendary rock guitarist Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin fame, has released its product to the world via eBay.

    TransPerformance has begun a new marketing push to introduce the public to its product. There is no other working technology like this in the world.

    Musicians are often seen changing guitars during a performance; many times this is because the guitars they are swapping out are tuned to different notes. TransPerformance technology eliminates that problem.

    TransPerformance self-tuning guitars use patented technology to quickly and accurately keep the guitar in tune. Thousands of alternate tunings are also available at the push of a button from an organized library of tunings. Experimenting with and exploring new alternate tuning sounds is easily accomplished. Composing and performing songs with tuning changes right in the middle of the same song opens up a whole new world of musical possibilities. This technology is not based on synthesizing any sounds that give a false sound from the instrument. The strings are made to change pitch almost instantly using six tiny motors. For more information on this product visit eBay, call at 970-482-9132, or visit
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