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Jan 11, 2007
  1. I read the review for the GeForce 8800 GTX and was very tempted in buying one. So I would like to know how much could I sell my ATI X1900XTX for. Its not that I am planning to sell it but would just like to know how much my investment in this card has despaired. I bought for DHS 2500, which is $684.931 (Dhs 1 = $3.650). I know i got ripped off but there were only two available in our market.
  2. cfitzarl

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    You could probably get away with ~$250 if you sell it to a newbie ;) .
  3. Grafficks

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  4. taimuraly

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    I think that I'll just keep my card. Instead, I will save up money for a new motherboard, you know the one with ATI Croosfire and Dual Core. Then save some more and buy a Dual Core Processor. Save a further more and buy an ATI X1950XTX and hook it up with my X1900XTX. In a few years I will have a great PC. But by the time I get it, everything will all ready be old. So I'll save again and the cyle of buying PC components will go on. :D
  5. Mirob

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    Frankly, I think the rest of your system needs an upgrade much worse than the video card. You profile shows a 533mhz FSB 3.06ghz Pentium 4 with only 512mb of RAM. With that CPU you may well see no difference adding a 8800gtx even if you play at very high resolutions.

    BTW, I see x1900xtx'es going for around $280 in some for sale sections.
  6. taimuraly

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    Dude, you are absolutely right and that's what I will be doing. Think I will go for Dual core but so want an AMD now that ATI is their partner.
  7. Tedster

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    if you spend more than $300 on your system it is best to upgrade.
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