Sempron, k7n2 D2 system keeps freezing and rebooting

By JanPer
Jan 5, 2005
  1. Hello!

    I need and urgent help. I have followin system (actually, two of them, however just one of them has the certain problem):

    AMD Sempron 2400+ BOXed version - with bundled AMD cooler
    MB MSI K7N2 Delta2
    1x 512MB RAM - AM1 400MHz
    VGA AGP MSI GeForce 4MX 440
    CD-ROM Teac
    ATA133 HDD Maxtor DiaMax+ 30GB
    Case EuroCase MD650
    PSU MaxPower PX-350 (230V=5A,+3.3V=20A,+5V=40A, +12V=16A, -5v=0.5A)
    nothing else

    I have set the BIOS to the default settings, the CPU is recognized correctly and also RAM is set to 200MHz, which is correct.

    The problem is, that when I install Windows XP, even in the text screen the system freezes or reboots. Once I somehow managed to install the system and it worked just fine for a while. Then it started to reboot whenever. First I thought it was caused by the MSI utilities I hve installed (like GoodMem atc.) becuase uninstalling them solved the problem for a while. But now this happens regulary - even after booting to the graphical mode of the system, it takes just few seconds until it reboots.

    Therefore I was trying to reinstall the system, but I'm not able to do it, becuase the isntalation process freezes or reboots in the text mode wile displaying "Starting Windows XP".

    The idle temperature of the CPU is allways over 60C and while working it's at least 70C.

    How could it be with budled CPU cooler so high? I bought the BOX version to be sure the cooler is fully compatible with the CPU.

    Please, if anyone has any idea - other than changing the cooler or PSU, please, let me know asap.

    Thank you!
  2. JanPer

    JanPer TS Rookie Topic Starter


    the solution was simple - and I was stupid while installing the heatsink - I set it wrong way round the CPU so that the heat-leading paste couldn't reach the CPU core.

    thank you for reading my post anyway ;)
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