Sennheiser's new Momentum 4 wireless headphones have a 60-hour battery life

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In brief: Sennheiser is adding a new member to its Momentum line of wireless headphones featuring an all-new design and a long-lasting battery. The Sennheiser Momentum 4 wireless headphones feature 42mm drivers with a frequency range of 6Hz to 22kHz. The cans come equipped with a padded headband and cushioned earpads, and can fold flat for easier transportation.

Adaptive noise cancellation is designed to boost immersion but when the outside world beckons, wearers can answer the call with a simple touch of the built-in touchpad to enter transparency mode.

When paired with Sennheiser's Smart Control app, users can access the built-in EQ feature, various sound modes and sound personalization feature to fine-tune the listening experience. The latter feature analyzes the user's listening preferences and automatically adjusts settings to cater to their taste.

The Smart Pause feature, meanwhile, automatically halts playback when the headphones are taken off and resumes the action when you put them back on.

Sennheiser's latest additionally packs two microphones per side for noise cancellation as well as calls and voice assistant interaction. But where this headset really impresses is in the battery life.

According to Sennheiser, the headphones are good for up to 60 hours of music listening via Bluetooth with adaptive noise cancellation enabled (when tested on an iPhone at mid-level volume). The lithium-ion battery takes approximately two hours to fully recharge but if you are in a hurry, you can get up to four hours of battery life with a quick five-minute charge. An LED panel conveys battery status and other helpful information.

The headphones ship with a USB charging cable, a 3.5mm audio jack for wired operation, an in-flight adapter to connect to a plane's entertainment system and a carrying case. The over-ear design does add some bulk but many find this style to be far superior to earbuds and on-ear cans in terms of comfort.

The Sennheiser Momentum 4 wireless headphones are available to pre-order from today priced at $349.95. Look for them to ship on August 23.

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Momentum 2 looked really disinctive. Although, it wasnt that great. In windy areas it actually lost signal frequently. Also , smaller ear cusion was very uncomfortable (I used multiple headphones before and none of them were such pain).
Momentum 4 however...
It looks generic, borrowing from Sony's top headphones.
They should have kept the design of the older momentum with small improvements.
On a small plus side, they made ear cusion bigger, which should improve the ear comfort.


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I thought this company went belly up a few years ago. Did they make a come back or something or did someone buy them and keep the name going. I remember this to be true because when I read it on the internet I was really bummed because I have always liked their products. Hmmm maybe I was drunk or something when I read it I do know it was not April 1st when I read

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The features sound great, especially if they actually live up to their claims but even still $350 for headphones is more than a little pricy .....


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Curious to see how they stack up to Momentum 3 and if it’s worth upgrading. The battery life for one is a great improvement, I believe M3 has something like 20-30 so pathetic but this alone is not enough to shell out that much for a new pair.