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Serial ATA HD deals from Seagate, WD,Maxtor, Hitachi

By Deal Svengali
Aug 19, 2005
  1. TigerDirect Serial ATA Hard Drive Deals

    Here are some of the TigerDirect offerings on Serial ATA Hard drives.

    Hitachi 40 GB w/8MB cache S-ATA-150 OEM HD $49.99

    WD 200 GB S-ATA HD w/8mb cache $109.99

    Hitachi 80 GB w/8MB cache SATA-300 HD $64.99

    Seagate 120 GB HD S-ATA with NCQ $94.99

    Maxtor 120 GB HD S-ATA $87.99

    Hitachi 160 GB Serial ATA HD $99.99

    Seagate 160 GB Serial ATA HD w/ NCQ technology $99.99

    Seagate 250 GB HD Serial ATA w/NCQ technology $109.99

    WD Raptor HD10krpm, w/8mb cache $129.99

    Maxtor 300 GB Diamond Max 10 S-ATA HD w/16mb cache $134.99

    Seagate 250 GB w/8MB cache S-ATA-150 HD with NCQ $109.99

    Maxtor 200 GB Diamond Max 10 S-ATA HD w/16mb cache $104.99

    WD Caviar 300 GB HD SE S-ATA $189.99
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