Serial port & hibernation

By videobruce
Nov 25, 2004
  1. have a HD tuner card that uses the serial port for the IR receiver. It places a icon in the system tray and that is where the infomation for any timed recording is held. I manually put the system into hibernation and 2 minutes before the recording is scheduled to begin the system wakes up (comes out of hibernation) and the program loads and the recording starts. After the recording the program closes and it shuts down the system (or what ever optiuon you choose).

    Problem is it's NOT bringing the system out of hibernation any more. It did orginally, but not now. To make a long story shorter, the problem seems to be in the serial port and/or the TCP/IP portion of it since that is how the communicatiuon is handled so I'm told by the vendor of the card. I tried two other programs that will bring the system out of hibernation and the system does respond.

    I tried:
    Changing O/S's, both 2k & XP
    changing Bios versions
    reloading the O/S
    reloading the program
    removing cards
    stopping services
    checking voltages on the PS
    tried two different versions of the s/w for the tuner card

    I have:
    Expo 8-RDA mb nForce2 chipset w/ the latest bios
    AMD 2100b
    Antec True Power 330w
    PowerColor 9600Pro
    2k w/sp4
    NO firewall (someone suggested that)
    no viruses or spyware

    Any ideas? The card in question is:
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