SERIOUS ISSUE..Peease helpif you can.

By Saul
Jun 22, 2005
  1. Hello,
    I am a student at a texhnical school. Of course at times the senior students like to screw upp the newer students computers. I have a serious problem. I am a new student, and need some help..

    Symptoms: Computer will not boot, turn off, the CD Rom drive light is always on,and the door does not open. The monitor will cnot work even though there is power to it, and the light is on. The cables have all been checked, all jumpers have been checked and replaced to normal positions. I can't get into the bios, as I don't have a monitor. I am guessing that there is a trick to this, but I have not found it yet.

    I have an IntelD865GBF Motherboard. I have checked to make sure they didn't remove the CPU, and the ram is in place. I have even taken out the bios battery, and can't get it to work.

    I am running Win @K advanced Server for an OS.

    If anyone out here actually has the knowledge to help with this problem I would greatly appreciate it. If you don't please don't reply, as I don't have time with a full time school aschedule to chit chat right now. You may email me directly with any questions or help.

    Thanks for any help you can offer,
  2. zephead

    zephead TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,569

    first off, try resetting the cmos via jumper. my approach would be to take the computer completely apart and reassemble it (seeing how they could've done almost anything), but you may not have the time right now. good luck.
  3. Saul

    Saul TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks ZepHead

    THanks zephead! I really appreciate you taking the time to reply to my post! However I had already tried that one before I emailed.. BUT!! It's very funny what actually happened.. We must remember to ALWAYS check ALL the little stuff first. I had checked everything. The last thing to do was to take the computer apart & put it back together again.. Well between the time I posted my message, and you answered I did the CMOS thing. Well after I did that of course I expected all to be well again.. There was still a problem.. I found the floppy power cable wasn't quite seated. (sabatage #1) He hid my jumper for the BIOS.(Sabatage #2) But I later found out that he did those things after I opened up the computer.. Like I said.. ALWAYS check the little stuff first.. The bonehead had switched the power setting to 220 #)%@*)$*)! I felt SOOOOOO dumb when I figured it out.. That should have been and will be one of the first things I check next time.. Good lesson for me..

    Thanks again for the help!
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