Serious problem with Realtek HD audio - speakers in feedback loop with mic

By Elliecat
Jan 29, 2007
  1. I'm hoping someone might have a good idea how to fix this problem, or at least a good idea what to scream at customer support so they actually work out how to fix it.

    This is a new computer, the problem has persisted since I got it at Christmas.

    Basically, the speaker feed out is going directly into the microphone line in. The microphone works (if it's isolated like in the first stage of the hardware test wizard it works perfectly), but if there is also speaker output it will go into a feedback loop.

    This happens whether I use the front or the back ports, if I unplug all speaker jacks I can still setup a feedback loop on the windows microsoft setup screen, and it basically renders the microphone unusable (I was using it for voicecomms while gaming, and whenever I pushed to transmit it sent a burst of game music instead)

    Current driver details are:

    Realtek High Definition Audio
    Driver provider: Realtek semiconductor corp
    Driver date: 24/4/6

    Ideally I'd like to get it set up so I can have my voicecomms on the headset and my gamesounds on my speakers (sadly only stereo, not 5.1 atm), but the microphone not subjecting everyone to jpop instead of my voice will do.


  2. Olivaw

    Olivaw TS Rookie

    I just started having this exact issue. New drivers don't help. Front panel inop and when the mic is plugged in to the rear panel my voice and any other audio is fed into an internal loop. Any help?
  3. Zobia

    Zobia TS Rookie

    Problem with Realtek HD Audio input

    TI am having problems with "Realtek HD Audio input" My audio input devices (mic, TV tuner and other plug in devices) are not working. In the Realtek Audio Manager they are grayed out. I have tried everything and applied some of the fixes I read on the Internet, but the problem remains. Can you help??????? Also have pinnacle PCTV pro 5.5 (no audio while watching TV).

    I have Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Version 2002
    Service Pack 2
    Intel Motherboard Desktop Board DQ35JO
    2Duo CPU, E4500 @ 2.20 Mhz
  4. Olivaw

    Olivaw TS Rookie

    So, no help on this one? I emailed realtek and haven't gotten an answer yet.
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