Serious Startup Problem

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Jul 4, 2007
  1. First post plus im a newbie @ building a pc.
    Here are my specs to start off:
    Asus Striker Extreme
    Antec Powertrio @ 650 watts
    corsair dominator 2gb
    soundblaster xfi fps
    e6600 intel core 2 duo
    Ati radeon as video
    contected to a armor tower full by thermaltake

    After completing the system, i double checked to make sure everything was connected. Everthing seemed fine, cpu, memory, sata connections, video card, sound card etc. Right on the first startup a heard a small pop then everything came on, all fans, soundcard light, hardrive, dvd drive etc. While waiting for the startup on the monitor, everything just shuts off. Then i retried, everything starts up (nothing on the screen and one of the fans spins pretty weak) then shuts off. What could this be?? After the problem i triple checked the connections once again and everything seems fine. Another note, on the back of the motherboard has a lcd screen that reads "CPU Init" but nothing else. PLEASE PLEASE HELP. I invested over 3k on the system i pray to God that its not something serious and itll just be something that would require a little adjustment on the cables for it to work.

  2. agetro82

    agetro82 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I went ahead and reattempted the startup but this time using one stick of ram. I started up fine, bios came up, then it shuts down. On the LCD screen it states: CMOS Error. I think one of the sticks of memory was DOA because when both are on, nothing comes up. Please help!
  3. sushk21

    sushk21 TS Rookie

    "A checksum is computed as an error-detecting code, to protect the BIOS settings stored in the CMOS memory. Each time the system is booted this number is recomputed and checked against the stored value. If they do not match, an error message is generated to tell you that the CMOS memory contents may have been corrupted and therefore some settings may be wrong."

    So the problem must be because of the removed RAM chip.
    1)If possible go into BIOS and reset the original bios settings and then restart.
    2)If above step cannot be done, then there is a jumper on a motherboard (on removal of which) for restoring BIOS settings.
    3) Sometimes the problem can be of a motherboard battery.
  4. agetro82

    agetro82 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Went ahead and reattmpted the startup by adjusting the jumper to clear the cmos. It still has the same problem, the bios start up screen comes up then everything shuts down automatically with the same LCD message "CMOS error". Also, there is definitely something wrong with one of the sticks of ram because i "trialed and errored" with both sticks and individually and only one of the sticks allows the bios to boot up (of course right before it shuts down).
    Thanks for following up

    i also requested for an RMA on the memory sticks since one of them, for sure, doesnt work.
  5. sushk21

    sushk21 TS Rookie

    If possible try replacing the motherboard battery.
  6. GoldenGypsy

    GoldenGypsy TS Rookie

    Everyone seems to have this problem......including me. And i know how frustrating it is. Wouldnt be so bad if you actualy knew what was wrong with the thing.

    The possible causes as far as im aware are

    1. Incorect BIOS setup - which you have looked at with the CMOS reset
    2. Incompatable/'bad' hardware - Not realy an easy one to check but i think we should asume that it they are ok.

    So realy i cant help you so i dont know why i bothered soon as i find a cure il be sure to tell you.
  7. CCT

    CCT TS Evangelist Posts: 2,653   +6

    Since the computer is NOT cereal, it shouldn't snap, crackle or POP!

    Look carefully for failed capacitors. Could also be a failed capacitor in the psu. Do you have a multi-meter?
  8. GoldenGypsy

    GoldenGypsy TS Rookie

    It does sound like a possible power suply problem.....See if you can hijac a mates and test with their PSU.

    Also....Get in contact with ASUS! they are quite helpfull normaly
  9. pnguye

    pnguye TS Rookie

    I think it is your battery because many cmos failure was due to the battery (a fact said by many people), you could find a replacement easily for about a couple of bucks.
  10. agetro82

    agetro82 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Went ahead an rechecked all connections, removed and put back mobo battery, performed clr cmos procedure, and reconnected almost everything including the CPU. The system boots up fine, im able to get into BIOS and everything UNTIL it automatically shuts off for no reason. *sigh* ill be trying another PSU or ram, for any success.
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