Server 2003, Installation Problems

By gavinseabrook
Jun 27, 2007
  1. Hey all.

    Let me start off with what happend today. I was minding my own business when all the sudden I got a call from an office I do work for. They were looking to clear some space off their C drive. They had NO SPACE LEFT. I told them to run the disk Cleanup, they did. Upon restart, all these files could not be found. I ran CHKDSK, I replaced the files, etc. I tried everything. I said **** this, got their most recent backup and decided to reformat the damn thing, then restore the backup. Sounds like a piece of cake. Well, I reconfigure their raid to allow more space for the c drive. I then proceed to the setup disk.

    I partition the drives, and the windows disk copies everything over, reboots, and gets into the normal setup. But get this. Randomly I recieve BSOD screens. Some relating to 0x07f, and some to 0x08e and 8f. I researched these and could not find squat. Sometimes it will happen at the "Detecting Devices" screen, sometimes during "Copying Files". But I tried everything. Full Formats, Checking and changing raid arrays. But to no avail. I have no idea whats wrong!!!

    If I cant find any help tonight, then in the morning im going to put their PERC drivers onto a floppy, and install windows 2000 Advanced server, then upgrade from there. If it dosnt give me blue screens left and right. UGH I HATE THIS!!! Any Suggestions?

    BTW its a Poweredge 2600 Server. Blue light is on meaning it is A OK
  2. gavinseabrook

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    Any ideas?
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    It was a dangerous move to run disk cleanup on the Server, as you are now finding out. Rather than that, you should have manually checked through for anything that could have been deleted or moved. For future reference, obtain a copy of Treesize Pro and run it next time over C: to see what you can free up.

    Hardware drivers would most likely be the cause of the BSOD's, but it's hard to tell. make sure you have the latest RAID drivers available and that your Array is set-up correctly from the get-go. Then it should be a simple matter of reloading the OS. If it continually BSOD's from thereon, I would be thinking of disabling anything not necessary for the OS install and trying again.

    Faulty hardware may be at fault. But you really need to get the OS re-installed to determine what exactly is causing it and to eventually fix it.

    NOTE: In the meantime why not share the most recent back-up on a client's PC and re-map clients to it so they can continue to work. If you are running Exchange on this server too, you can use MDaemon mail server program to create a temporary mail server.
  4. gavinseabrook

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    Well, I researched the error code 0x7F and it seems to point to HARDWARE/SOFTWARE related. Since there is no software on ANY of the drives, we can eliminate that.

    I installed 2000 server and got the same message. But Dell was great enough to send me a file to diagnose the problem if it is hardware. Im thinking its pointing mainly to the memory. Though hardware updates are good, I do think it is the memory. But I will be finding out tomorrow.
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