Services.exe Status Code 203 random shutdown problem

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Oct 25, 2006
  1. Jees heres the problem.. I am minding my own business and my computer shuts itself off in one minute with it's NT authority\system bull S#!T.. status code 203 and some times 204.. I have tried cleaning my registry and My nod32 full out scan on my comp for trojans and worms and no results is there any way I can get help with this? My friend said it happened to her and she ended up getting a new harddrive.. I don't think thats what I wanna be doing. I have too many files on my computer that are important. So if there is any way for me to get rid of this garbage please help, it would be greatley appreciated .. Cheers

  2. Sounds like a worm... are you running any anti-virus anti-spyware programs?
  3. jordach545

    jordach545 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Yes I am

    Im running Nod32 and it hasn't found anything in the way of a worm and im really upset about it.. I was told Nod 32 was the best anti virus out there. I also cleaned my registry and tried a few things in win32\services.exe but no results.. Is there something I can change in my Bios?
  4. jordach545

    jordach545 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    oooh hey

    Thanks caravel that seemed to work.. Not too shabby. I have been on the old comp for about 2 hours now and it hasn't come up yet. I was gett'n worried there for a bit. thanks again!
  5. No problem. :grinthumb

    To help to avoid similar problems in the future:

    1) Use Firefox or Opera instead of M$ IE, for web browsing. This will solve 90% of the browser hijack/adware/toolbar problem.

    2) Keep both of the the AVG programs updated. And run/schedule, at least, weekly checks.

    3) Download SpywareBlaster to take care of the tracking cookie problems. Also keep that regularly updated and enable all protection.

    4) Enable the Windows XP SP2 firewall, if not enabled.

    5) Don't install expensive crapware such as Norton/Symantec. There is no need for the home user to actually buy any security software. The free software currently available on the net is in fact the best.
  6. jordach545

    jordach545 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Oh here we go again even with all these things installed I still can't get it to stop shutting down.. It's getting to be a real pain in the *** now. It seems that nothing I download will fix the problem. im starting to think it's not a virus tho. I have always been useing fire fox . it's the only browser I use.. Man this sucks
  7. Before you do anything else right click my computer and look on that first page under system, for the version and service pack version.

    Also have you been running windows updates and is your system configured to receive updates?

    It is possible you have nothing more than the Blaster worm. Try out the steps in the this link and download the tool:

    If that fails try this:

    Disconnet from the net completely while you're doing this, or it'll probably shut down again. If it tries to shut down, get the start menu click run and enter "shutdown -a" without the quotes to abort the shutdown. Be aware that without the services.exe running the system will hardly be stable but it may give you time to finish running the fixes, who knows. If not you'll have to reboot. Rebooting into safe mode may avoid the problem, also, so you can try and fix it without it shutting down, though there will be no internet connection so bear that in mind. To do this hit F8 just as the system is about to boot. (the instant before the "Windows XP" logo screen appears.

    Good luck.
  8. jordach545

    jordach545 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    oh ya

    I have version 2002 cause I can't do updates for some reason. I have the hack'd version of windown on my computer.. lol I wasn't about to go out and buy it.. I think my computer is not configured to run updates for windows.. I just have the origional Windows straight up
  9. Well... that explains alot. Without all the updates and SP1 or SP2 your pc is a sitting duck for every worm out there and shouldn't even be on the net in the first place. I'm afraid you're pretty much in a no win situation. You need to get hold of Windows XP SP2 and install it offline after you've run the blaster worm removal tool.

    Until you've done that I can't really offer you much more help.
  10. jordach545

    jordach545 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ok I have the service pack 2 and now it still happens even if im logged in while under safe mode with networking.. I removed all kinds of spyware and worm stuff with those removal tools and whatnot and it all keeps happening. I can't even format my hard drive because I don't get the option at the beginning.. I think I need a better copy of windows thats somewhat legit.. Unless you have any other suggestions. But keep in mind I do have the 2 service packs installed.
  11. Well I think it's got to the stage where you need to make a new thread in the security and the web forum. You will need to post hijackthis logs in there, so you'll need to read the sticky topics about how to obtain a valid log and post it correctly. Personally I doubt your problem is now malware. The problem you're having can occur under different circumstances. Your status code of 203 is also an unknown, and not found in any threads relating to malware as far as I can see. Try googling it. Also SP2 remove and later updates remove the vulnerabilities exploited by the classic shutdown worms. Yet your machine is still shutting down. Despite this it could still be malware but may be extremely difficult to detect using the run of the mill tools.

    The problem could be related to services.exe becoming corrupt. You could replace it with a non corrupt version, by booting to the recovery console, but you don't have a Windows cdrom? If you can get hold of a Windows XP cdrom (if you're running professional it must be a pro cdrom, and the same for home) you can do this before reinstalling.

    Read posts #4 and #5 in this thread, and follow the advice:

    If all this fails get to the security and the web forum and don't forget to provide a link to this thread.


  12. aragoneldragon

    aragoneldragon TS Rookie

    I've had the same problem with my new PC, it runs on windowsXP Media edition, and the problem was originated when I was bombarded with Trojans from the internet, I had an antivirus that was the worst one I've ever had, it's called PC-Cillin from Trend Micro.
    Now I installed McAfee and it works great, the problem is that a Trojan has been allocated somewhere in the PC where it works with Services.exe to lock up the computer and give you a lot of problems to boot up.

    I would suggest the following:
    1. Look at the "details" if the error gives you before it reboots your PC
    2. boot up without any internet connection (this allowed me to boot up without restarting it automatically)
    3. Run a scan of your computer (if it allows you)
    4. Delete all cookies, Temporary internet files and Temp files
    5. Empty trash can, and reboot with no internet connection

    If any of this does not work I would suggest running "Hijackthis", its a program that will allow you to see which applications and services are running and being generated in your computer, this will tell you if a virus y generating fake files that make your PC act funny.

    Hope this works
  13. screen_of_death

    screen_of_death TS Rookie

    and its not the usual blue screen of death?
    or not your power management or task scheduler?
    don't make simple things ruin your day
    don't make it worst
    give more details e.g. display message

    oh my goodness an old post this is
    sorry for a one year late entry :))
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