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services.exe taking a lot of system resources

By z0k!
Feb 9, 2006
  1. hi
    i am running windows 2000.i counter a problem whenever i try to connect to the internet,the computer suddenly slows down when it comes to the "registering your computer on the network" part and i notice the 'services.exe' process taking up 99% of processor.this makes connecting to the internet a 5 lenghty minute process.it also happens when i disconnect and the services.exe process again starts taking up 99%.

    i'd appreciate if somebody helps me out here

  2. gentoo

    gentoo TS Rookie

    What kind of internet service do you have? Services.exe manages the starting and stopping services. When you connect to the internet it is starting a service that is taking that long. Depending on the type of internet service you have it may be calling a service that it does not need. If it is a home pc then it should not be registering it with a network. Let me know what kind of net service you have. Then I will try and tell you what services you should turn off to prevent this.
  3. z0k!

    z0k! TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 61

    i have a dialup internet service.how do u figure out what services are running behind a single process?.yes mine is a home pc.it didnt use to take this long a few days ago but as far as i can figure this started happening after i installed kazaa revolution.i immediately uninstalled it but the problem remained.and i'v always seen the"registering your.."part whenever i connect to the internet and it hardly ever took any time to process previously,was just a part of the connection process and was always worryfree...don't forget it also happens when i disconnect..i've already scanned my pc online with norton antivirus and for spywares with zonealarm to make sure my pc is malware free...

    btw let me clear one thing that this is an abnormality.i don't think it is related to the type of internet service i use.it is probably some process thats influencing services.exe in my opinion.
  4. Peddant

    Peddant TS Rookie Posts: 1,446

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