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Jan 1, 2008
  1. I have my main hard drive split into two partitions. I am using one partition for the operating system and any system related files, and the other for all additional data/games/software that i have. Now my question is, is there a way to change the default install path from C:\Program Files\xxx to what in my case would be G:\Program Files\xxx ? It is very annoying to have to change the install path in every installation for every piece of software that i install on this computer. I am using 64 bit vista by the way, If anyone knows a way to change the default install path i would greatly appreciate being let in on it.
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    I'm concerned that you are going from C to G (instead of the other way around)
    Using programs and registry editing tools may cause the program not to work, as some files actually exist within the Windows system folders (ie drivers, DLLs)

    It would be better (and a lot safer) to uninstall and reinstall to G:\(MyNewPrograms) folder
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    on some apps it's as easy as changing path name for the icon
    some not so easy the registry will need edited
    and some dll's may need re-reg'ed sometimes this is automatic all is a headache
    there are 3rd party softs that will move programs
    I have not used for some time
    when last I did they where slow and in some cases locked up the machine
    if you only have like 2 or 3 I would try to move manually ,but any more and man reload a lot look for that 3rd party program to move them they may have gotten better

    good luck
    have a happy 2008
    :chef:eek:h Ya librium :chef:
    welcome to Techspot
    a litl edit;
    the software vender has put this default path in the exe file to make it more automatic
    2. Find ProgramFilesDir whose default should be C:\Program Files
    3. Change this to whatever directory you wish. I changed it to D:\Program Files for example.
    this is a quicky for xp pro maybe same for vista I would not think there's diff between 32 path and 64 bit paths
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    Yes and can change a setting in your registry to change the default installation location but then any preinstalled software and software that is included as part of Vista will no longer work and will need to be reinstalled or possibly just moved to the new Program partition.
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    this was exactly the answer i was looking for, changing this registry key did the trick. Thank you very much, hopefully i can be of some use to you in the future :rolleyes: haha
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