Setting IRQ's on Biostar Motherboards

By mattbaka
Jul 22, 2005
  1. I have a biostar motherboard PT4PT?, in the computer for my home studio. I have a STaudio Cport soundcard(10in 10 out ASIO drivers musician type of soundcard) that is particuarly pickky with IRQ setting on the motherboard.... for a few years now i have always put up with the odd BSOD ect, because i have never been able to give it an exclusive IRQ.

    Biostar were particuary unhelpful with this problem... the only setting in BIOS i can find are al list of irq numbers which all i can set is "Reserved" this does not fix the problem, it just seems to make the IRQ dissapear in Windows... i have tried moving the card to different slots....

    I know the easy answer it replace the motherboard.......... BUT any help would be appreciated.

    Mattbaka out
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    refer to your system information to find out what irq your card uses and what else said irq is shared with. usually the bios automatically handles this, and manual changes are possible using windows.
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    thanks for all this help

    sometime ago i switched to "standard mode" on a clean install. I still got the problem, although the system seemed to run a bit smoother.

    I have never been able to find in windows where i can manually change IRQ's .How do i do this???

    I could be wrong but the card is sharing with some type of USB controller. i will get back to you with furthur details on the conflict. at work now :)

    In the "system info" part of windows (.nfo files often open this) the IRQ's for devices display but are not able to be changed......
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