Setting Up a Browser (Firefox) for ICS

By LMoore
Mar 5, 2005
  1. I have successfully set up a home network using a crossover cable between two XP SP2 computers, i have successfully set up and used file and printer sharing and played LAN games... mainly counter strike, anywho... i am now trying to set up ICS so that i can surf the internet on my second computer. I have had absolutely no success with the windows network setup wizard and i have therefore decided to setup everything manually for peace of mind.

    I have a PC which connects directly to the internet with LAN IP
    and subnet

    In this computer i have checked the box to enable the dialup connection to be shared with other computers on the network.

    My client, to connect to the internet through the server is set to IP and has the same subnet.

    I have set the Default gateway and preferred DNS server on the client to this being the IP of the host computer.

    I have read in other threads that this is guaranteed to make ICS work, however i am yet to set up my browser to handle the ICS, because without this there can be no surfing. I have other proxies (For school WLAN) in Internet explorer so i am setting up the ICS in Mozilla Firefox.

    I have looked at the proxy settings in the browser and i am frankly quite baffled. Can someone please tell me how to set up proxy for LAN in this browser?

    Thanks, LMoore
  2. LMoore

    LMoore TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Forget that, after setting up all settings and checking them and checking them, and setting the browser to Auto-Detect Proxy, the ICS is working fine.

  3. sambar

    sambar TS Rookie

    Hello, I have a similar problem. Can you please mention exactly what settings you made. Also, do the default gateway and the preferred DNS server have to be the same??
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