Setting up a home network???

By icecoldza
Sep 6, 2003
  1. Hi I had the shop where I baught my new pc set up a home network for me and it was working fine, for two days. Then I did a windows update on the old machine and gone was my network. I struggled but manage to set it up again........ But for some reason all the settings was lost again after I took both computers to a friends house to play, but upon setting the two pc's up I saw that the network settings was lost again???????

    After that I could not manage to set up the home network again.

    I am using a crossover cable direct between two lan connections.
    Running xp home on one and 98se on the old machine.

    Why do the home network settings keep getting lost. Was it because both had direct internet access?

    Maybe virus?....???

    I need step by step help on both the machines to the whole network settings....

    I only have a dialup internet connection and don't need the old pc to surf the net.....

  2. BBString

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    Try setting up a new network.

    Run the Home Networking Wizard on your XP machine, then using the XP CD, run it on the Win98SE machine.

    Add your Comp names, descriptions and make sure both computers are in the same Workgroup and that the following is installed on both machines:

    TCP/IP Protocol
    Client software
    File and Printing Software

    Also install IPX/SPX Protocol (My network has a 98 machines on it and it need that installed)

    Also check the network cards are sending and recieving data, check the lights on the cards and the network connection (once you have made them!)

    Are they the same network cards and is your crossover cable definatly a crossover cable?

  3. icecoldza

    icecoldza TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Got it solved thanks a lot

    Thanks a lot. It was the IPX issue
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