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Jul 21, 2007
  1. My friends and I were wondering how to set up a LAN so we could game together! I previously set one up but forgot how. I tried to set one up through windows "make home or business network" setup but we couldn't share any files and in the "view workgroup computers" tab I could only see one of my friends computers but my friends couldn't see any other computers! I am using a router (model number ENRTR-104-2). Thx for any help!
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    You don't need to share files to game together...

    Providing your computers are to use DHCP (which they are, by default), all you have to do is plug it in and start up your game. One computer will be the host/server and the other will be a client... This should be specified in the game.

    Many games have some sort of LAN browser where you can 'find' local network games, but some games require you type in the IP address of the computer. Through DHCP, IP addresses are given somewhat randomly, but you can find your IP address by clicking Start > Run > cmd /k ipconfig

    Something else to consider is both of your software firewalls need to be set to allow local incoming and outgoing traffic or disabled completely (if you aren't sure). The router firewall will not make a difference.
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    This was my initial thought as well.

    If the router is setup properly, and everyone can get an IP address, then the next problem would be the software firewalls on everyone's computer. Either disable them, or add a rule that allows local network traffic.
  4. Barnezz

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    Ok, thanks, I disabled the firewalls and it works fine!
  5. poertner_1274

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    It might be better to create a rule for it, that way you are still protected while gaming.
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