Setting up front USB and firewire port

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May 28, 2006
  1. Ok, so i was setting up my DFI LanParty board, and when i went to hook up the front usb and firewire ports i had troubles...the manual for the says i need
    (USB) :Ground (2), VCC (2) -Data/+Data and Key (?) case has these connectors: Ground (2), +5V (1) -Data/+Data
    (IEEE 1394) Needs: TPA +/-, TPB +/-, Ground (2), Key/ground, and +12v (fused)
    Have: TPA +/-, TPB +/-, Ground (2), VP and VG

    The only thing im having problem with is the VP/VG, +12v (fused), +5v, and Key...did my the company of the case just name it something else? or am i going to have to just pass on those...there not really necessary but it would just be convienent to get to the usb in the fron instead of the back...i dont really care about the firewire port

    anyhelp would be great, thanks
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    Usb is 4 connections, +5v,-data,+data, and ground.
    The red wire is +5v.
    The white wire is -data.
    The green wire is +data.
    The black wire is ground.
    The key is not used.

    So your Vcc will be the red +5v then the rest of the wires will be in the order above.
    Pins 1,3,5, and 7 will be for 1 usb socket.
    Pins 2,4,6, and 8 will be for the second one.

    I'm not sure on the firewire, as i don't have it.
  3. whtddusy516

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    thanks man, i know what order they go in i just wasnt sure what the VCC plug was lol


    ok i looked up the aspire webpage and they said that there vp vg pins are power
  4. Rik

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  5. whtddusy516

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    yea its fine, the DFI manual was very thorough about which was which, just the titles of some of the connectors or whatever youd like to call them were different then what the company that made the case labeled them as, thanks for the help
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