Setting up LAN, problem with aquirng network adress

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Apr 3, 2005
  1. Ok i have worked on a huge Novell Netowork at my school for two years now, one would think setting up a LAN with 2 computers would be a snap. THis is just no my day. I am trying to set up 2 computers to play Lord of the rings battle for middle earth. I made the network, and the one of the PCs is working a-ok. BUt the other one, is not going so smmothly. It is yelling at me saying that i have limited connectivty, and when i enable the network it gives the message "aquring network adress" and then tells me i have to repair my network. Done that with no result. BOth machines are XP home. its not the cable (i have a cable tester) and i have tries other ones. This is bugging me out, i have to be missing somehting small? Any Advice? Both IP adress look legit, nothing obvious that i can see.


    BTW-in the game the good computer doesnt see the bad one in the game. However the bad one sees the good one.
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  3. AtK SpAdE

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    Thanks for the reply RBS. Yes i am using a crossover cable, i know this because i made it myself. I have tested the cable with a tester, its good. After trying to repair it i finnaly could play the game. It still says that i have a limited connectivty but whatever.. I have tried using a different connector but i dont care. I says that i have a speed of limited speed 100mbs which seems fine? Let me know if you have any other adivce

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    Hello Sean,

    You should have used Hub or Router to help on your problems, limited connectivity is from Windows XP Pro or Home SP2 problems...

    You should install

    Your same Worksgroup name


    P.S. buy few feets of CAT6 cables will great help, check on both computer configuration and post it here <BRIEFLY!> or attach as text document.
  5. AtK SpAdE

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    Thanks i will ahve to attach an txt file (im not there now). Yea the machine that is having trouble has SP2 and that one that is working fine doesnt..does that mean anything? I will have to invesitagte a router. Thanks alot

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    I just wanted to add that you shouldn't install IPX/SPX unless you are running a legacy novel network at home. You'd do well just having TCP/IP on.

    As far as connecting your machine is concerned a hub will do the trick. Make sure that you set up static IP Addresses for the machines, as you'll have no DHCP server. You don't need a router for that. You only need a router to translate between separate networks.

    Have you tried just turning of the built in firewall in windows xp sp2?
  7. AtK SpAdE

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    Thanks all

    thanks for the answers, i have gotton a hub but have not set it up but i hope all of my problems will be solved. As far as a firewall on the SP2 machine i have disabled it, to no avail. But i guess that doesnt matter cuz i got a hub. thanks agian

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    Let us know how that works for you.

    The firewall is linked with the adapter so if you still have problems that would be a good place to start if you turn it back on.

    Good luck!
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    the firewall will probably not give him a problem unless he has apts running that have ports open that it is not expecting, and then it will ask him if it should leave them open.
  10. HoopaJoop

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    Yeah. Good point. I would suppose that the only difficulty he would have with it on is with file sharing, but that shouldn't be a problem if it's set up properly.

    AtK SpAdE: Barring goofy problems with it, it would be best to keep it on if you don't have another firewall running.
  11. AtK SpAdE

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    First off, thanks to all that helped me, Hoopa, Lucan, RBS and all else. I got the router, and yet i still get the message for limited connection, but i can now play games just fine on the LAN, so the problem is solved. I left one firewall up, and turned the other one down simply because it is not connected to the internet. Thanks to all

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    set both nics to full duplex / 100mbs
    check it anyway ,if one can't do this replace the nic card
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