Setting up RAID SATAs harddrives?

By Mekong
Jan 20, 2005
  1. I am building a new PC for my self and I have two SATA hardrives I want to use in stripping array. How do I set these drives in raid before I install windows xp?

    Thanks and sorry if this is a dumb question!

    Intel P4 550
    Msi Neo 925x platnium motherboard
    2x WesterDigital SATA Raptor 10,000rpm HDs
    2x 512MB Kingston HyperX 533
    Msi x800pro
  2. dtor

    dtor TS Rookie

    What configuration do you want to use?
    Raid 0 - increases speed but has no tolerance, if something does wrong and
    you lose one hdd, then you lose the other as well. No information is
    retained. (mostly used by gamers) Takes 2 identical hdds.
    Raid 1 - Not much increase in speed but has excellent tolerance. All information
    is stored on both disks so if you lose one you still have the other with all
    your information. (Used if you have files you don't want to lose.)
    Raid 0,1 - gives you benefits of both Raid 0 and Raid 1. Takes 4 identical hdds.

    And there is no such thing as a "dumb" question. Only unasked ones.
  3. CCT

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