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Jun 5, 2006
  1. Can u plz help me.

    I am currently using the same internet for one comp, i would however like to switch to wireless so that i can go on the internet at the same time as another computer in my home. As i play games online, other people in my house whant to search for things on the internet always when im playing.

    I have tried wireless but it did not seem to work after i followed the so called easy steps. So i took it back to the company.

    I am now willing to give it another go so can people please help me.
    Also what is the best wireless setup for me.

    Baltan :confused: ;) :wave:
  2. altheman

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    Setting it up is relativly easy.

    You'll need wireless cards or ethernet cables depending on how you want the computers connected, a wireless router modem and a bit of patience!!

    Since its only 2 pcs, i recommend the following setup:

    Comp1--------------------->Router<-------------------Comp 2
    ethernet (wired) connection for comp1, and wifi connection for comp 2.

    After that, you should ask your ISP for the correct router settings, fill that in, set up some security, forward ports for some applications, and you'll be done.

    the reason I say one wired connection, is so that there is always a stable connection to the router should there be probs, and you need access to router settings. For port forwarding, have a look here:

    Also, you should set up some static ip addresses for each pc, especially if you are gaming, so info is forwarded to the correct pc.
  3. Baltan

    Baltan Topic Starter

    thanks for the help but sounds so confusing for a rokie like me. :knock: :knock:

    Is there any possible pictures that you can send me to show me how to set up wireless etc

    Baltan :wave:
  4. fastco

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  5. Baltan

    Baltan Topic Starter

    Thanks for the link it was a great help.

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