Setup 2K Advanced Server

By Bloo Ice
Jun 17, 2005
  1. Hi. I sort-of have roaming profiles setup on my network. My setup consists of one computer running XP Pro, which is acting as the server. It has one drive that hosts all of the files and such for the profiles. All of the other computers on my network, also running XP Pro, load the profiles from that location. My friend is trading me the copy of XP Pro on the server for his copy of 2K Advanced Server, so I will install 2k over XP.

    I'd like to have it set up so I don't have to install a profile on each workstation, and then tell it to search for the profile in X location. At school, they have it so you just type in your user ID and pw, and then it logs you on. I assume this is because they are on a domain, and/or the server is running an actual server software. I will be shortly, so could someone tell me what I will be needing to setup? thanks
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    Thanks. I'll try that when I get the os....should be tomorrow or the next day.
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