Setup did not find any harddrives?

By Samir478
Aug 10, 2007
  1. i recently had windows vista installed, i decided to remove it and reinstall XP after the all the issues of not being able to play games and having alot of bugs laying around, i was on vacation and i did not have any original windows xp cd, so i went ahead and bought a fake one,i booted to it, and formatted my drives, then i installed it, windows xp opened up fine, untill a several restarts later, the blue screen started to show up. then i thought maybe its the CD, so after vacation i got my Recovery CD that came with it (Laptop HP) and i let it do its job, after that the blue screen would still show up, so i took my laptop to the shop for repairing, they suggested after a couple of days later that the harddisk might be damaged, so i agreed on them buying me a new one, and even tho i explained to them what happened, and that i wanted XP and not vista, they still put a windows Vista on it, so assuming that this is a new hard disk and it should have no problems(i recieved my old one), i put in the Recovery CD again, and the blue screen shows up once again (ive tried the same CD before and it always worked, its not damaged) , i tried booting up with my original windows XP cd, in order to install a fresh copy, thinking that maybe the recovery cd is now damaged, but instead it tells me: "Setup did not find any harddrives" , same thing if i try to press R (repair) , so i borrowed an original Vista cd from a friend, and i tried to install it, and guess what, it works fine, i then check the internet for a method of uninstalling windows Vista, and i finally come across a topic where it suggests that the Windows.old folder in the C:\ drive can be used again if the command prompt is opened as an administrator and (cd drive):\boot\bootsect.exe /nt52 ALL /force was typed in while the vista CD was inside, so i did that, and i restarted, and then a black screen shows up and it just stays that way, so i try to put in my original windows XP cd again, and i go ahead for a fresh install, and once again it still tells me that it did not find any harddrives.

    PLEASE help, ive tried everything
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