Setup is Starting Windows Hangs

By harrisdurrani
Oct 16, 2006
  1. Hey guys i am not sure if this is the Right place to post this but i hope you guys can help me anyways..........i will give you guys as much information as possible...

    Ok so i finally hooked up my new computer, i got a brand new 250 GB sata2 western Digital Harddrive, made 4 partitions.

    C: 20gb
    D: My Dvd rom
    E: 100GB
    G: 20GB..

    I formated all the drives into NTFS Format..

    ok after that i installed windows XP without any problems, later i installed a couple of drivers, than the computer told me to restart the computer and that is exactly what i did, but unfortunaly my pc would just HANG after the windows XP logo. I tried everything i could but it just wont go further than the Windows XP startup screen
    So i thought that i'll reformat C: Again and see what happens, i poped up the Windows Xp disc and changed my First boot to CD-ROM... After the Windows setup booted i got the setup blue screen and it started detecting all the hardware stuff or what ever it does, but it just HANGS at where it says SETUP iS STARTING WINDOWS... i waited for well over 15 minutes but it wont go further... i thought i could have a problem with my harddrive so i deleted all the partitions using F-DISK from the win98 bootdisk.... same problem computer hangs at SETUP IS STARTING WINDOWS..
    I thought i could have a problem with my Ram.. so i took out my 1gb kingston ram and put a corsair 1gb ram, Same problem...
    than i thought that it could be my video card so i changed my video card and put another one, Same Problem
    So i thought that it could be Hard drive so i changed my 250GB harddrive and put another one to see if it works Same Problem..
    I cant freaking install windows because computer keeps Hanging at SETUP IS STARTING WINDOWS...
    i have tried everything i can, the only two things left now is my CPU and Motherboard.. I took this to a computer store and the guy said that it could be my cpu but i really doubt that..can someone please tell me what i should do?

    AMD Athlon X2 4200+
    Asus A8N-E skt 939 Ultra
    Radeon X1900 Aiw
    Antec Truepower II 480w
    1gb Kingston value ram
    250 GB WD Sata II
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