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Setup problem

By lazboy
Jul 22, 2004
  1. I just put togethere a new computer, MSI-K7N2, WD hard drive..I first went to bios and set it to boot from the DVD drive..I put in the cd with XP PRO, It boot's to the DVD drive, Takes a long time to get to the install setup(about 10min) Then it loads something's then ask's me what i want to do i pick install XP, Then i get a message telling me that setup cant find any hard drives installed in my computer :confused:

    When i'm in the bios i can see the hard drive so i'm not sure what the hell is going on here..

    Thanks for any help

    p.s. jumper is set to master.
  2. will56

    will56 TS Rookie

    Western digitals in paticular really like cable select - even if alone on the IDE sometimes. Try that.
  3. Bug

    Bug TS Rookie Posts: 79

    Some West Dig drives also prefer to be jumperless if they are alone on the IDE cable. Cable Select may also resolve this, but I have not tried that. I didn't see anything about a bios fix. What size HDD is it? Which version of XP are you installing? (Retail, OEM, Corp?)

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